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Enquiry Management: Track Successful & Pending Leads effectively

Updated: Nov 30, 2017

Enquiry management is the first step towards introducing a child to the school. Before taking admission to any school, every parents wish to enquire on various topics related to school in general like seats availability, fee structure, admission procedure, students strength, teacher pupil ratio, school policies, transport facility at their nearest point, school timings, bus timings, students security, english speaking classes, indoor & outdoor sports, class teachers and their qualifications, facilities like library, music room, dance etc. etc.

From school point of view, record of parents enquiry is very important part that must be handled very carefully and intelligently. In enquiry section, school need to keep record of all the details of a child like date of birth, gender, address, contact no.’s, email id of parents, parents qualification along with photographs of parents and their ward.

Generally interested parents take school’s prospectus and admission form at the time of enquiry itself. So keeping record of which prospectus are being sold and how much amount towards registration fee has been raised is very crucial for the school management because it not only maintains proper accounting but also helps the management forecast their admissions and take strategic decisions.

How I-Genius helps in managing student’s enquiries / leads.

I-Genius software works as a customer relationship manager that helps in proper maintenance of every details related to parents enquiries at school for admission purpose. As you click on Masters>> Enquiry, The Initial window shows list of all the successful and pending enquiries being generated in the school within selected period.

Enquiry window will show a list of all the pending and successful enquiries previously recorded.

This list of enquiries provides facility to

  • To take print out of already recorded enquiries, select those records by checking check box next to it and click Print button.

  • To export enquiry data to an excel sheet, click on Export button.

  • To send SMS to any student, select that student record and click SMS. Type your message and click “Send SMS” button.

  • The school management is always interested in various kinds of analysis like how many enquiries are there from a particular village, or sometimes you want to see who had taken this particular prospectus no. or admission form no.

  • There are search and sort options also. To search for any record, click Search button. Here multiple search options are given, you can search on any column.

  • To arrange records alphabetically by name or any field in ascending or descending order, click Sort button.

  • If we want to filter only pending or successful enquiries, select the corresponding options below.

Now, let's see how to record a new Enquiry.

1) Click on New button in Enquiry window. Admission Enquiry window will open up.

2) Enquiry No. will be generated automatically and displayed.

3) Select Class in which child is seeking admission.

4) Type all the details of the child including his/her and parents photograph.

5) Click on save button to save enquiry data.

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