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How to Manage School Stationary Shop

Stationary shop in a school needs to manage all the stock items received from the supplier like stationery, book sets, Sports items, music items etc. Every sale purchase entry needs to be maintained accurately.

  Item Creation

1) Go to Masters menu and click on Items.

2) Type Item Name, Company, Rate, Opening Stock and click on Save button.

All the items can be added this way.

We can search records item wise or Company wise.

Set Creation

School creates books and stationery sets for students of all the classes.

1) Go to Masters menu and click on Set.

2) Click on New button to create new sets.

3) Type Set name i.e. the class for which we are creating sets.

4) Select an item from the list of items, its quantity and rate will be shown automatically which was set at the

    time of Item Creation.

5) Click on Add Item. All the items will be added in a particular set.

6) Click on Save button to save entry.

   All the set names will be shown in the right side of window. Double-Click on Set name to see its details.

Stock Purchase

School purchases items from various suppliers. All the purchase entries are maintained accurately in school software.

1) Go to Entries menu and click on Stock Purchase. Stock Purchase window will be opened.

 2) Select Date. Bill No. will be automatically generated. We can change Bill No. if we want.

3) Select Party Name from where school purchased the items. To add Party Name, press F3 key.

4) Select Item, type Quantity, Rate and other charges.

5) After adding all the items purchased, click on Save button to save purchase entry

Material Issue

School issue items like books and stationery to students. To make material issue entry, go to entries menu and click on Material Issue. Material Issue window will be opened.

1) Click on New button.

2) Select Date. Bill No. will be generated automatically.

3) Select Admission No. by clicking on Search button or type Admission No. All the details of the students will be displayed automatically in the respective fields. All the items associated with the set of that class to which the student belongs will also be shown. We can add more items if we want. We see that total quantity of items the student has purchased and total amount of those items will be calculated and displayed automatically.

4). Type the Cash received from student. Balance Amount will be calculated and displayed automatically.

5) Click on Save button to save issue entry.

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