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How to build your own E-commerce App

If you want to build your own E-commerce mobile app.

Thus we will discuss how to start your own app without paying any additional charge.

It is so easy to use that you need not to fill any detail of item on a website. You need not to check order detail regularly on website.

You can load your items detail in your E- commerce app. You can customize this app according to your business.

As soon as your customer will open this app, he will able to see your farm image with logo.

Thus as a customer will place an order then this order as an SMS will receive to you on your mobile.

This order will be added in your ERP software. On a single click you can send a bill with item delivered.

Now we are going to discuss how to implement this app in this software.

You have to keep in mind that it is mandatory to add picture of the item while creating an item.

You have to add item group picture while creating item group. Thus the picture will available to your customer in mobile app.

Now to activate mobile app click on mobile app in account.

Fill cloud password in step 1. Then click on click here to send activation request. Now tick my shop and select your shop picture.

If you want that on every customer order you get SMS then tick SMS every order. Set SMS API and fill mobile number on which you want to get order SMS. Then click on customize your data in step 2. Now click on send link to customer mobile to share your my shop public link.

If you want to share link to all customer at a time then you can send SMS in template in account master.

Then customer will touch that link.

Now touch the open my shop.

Then install the app in your mobile.

Then again touch the link in SMS. Thus your firm image will display to your customer.

Images of all the item will be shown to you.

Customer can select item to buy by touching it.

Then click on add to cart.

As he will checkout the detail of cart items will display to him.

After finalize the order the customer has to fill his contact detail. Then click send.

As soon as he send order you will get order SMS on your mobile number.

Click on my shop online order in help menu.

Click refresh.

It will display all pending orders. Thus click on make button of the order for which you want to create a bill. After creating bill click on save to print bill.

Thus it is very easy to implement your E- commerce app in your ERP software.

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