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How to print bill in regional language using ERP software

In this topic we will discuss about a specific feature of ERP software in which you can print a bill in multiple language.

You have to download google input tool to use this feature. Search google input tool in google

Click on google input tools.

After this as soon as you click on window it will give you 22 languange option. After selecting your regional language, download google input tool. You can also select more than one language.

Thus on window it will display a language menu bar in which all language you have selected will display. This bar will help you to switch to other language.

Now we will discuss how to implement google input tool in ERP software.

Click on date & serial no. in option. Now tick enable multiple language feature.

Now we will see how multiple language feature works while creating account.

In account master click on pencil sign adjacent to print name. Then software will prompt you to use your language. You have to choose your language from language bar.

Thus in print name field the name will be selected in your language.

Click on pencil sign adjacent to short name while creating item. Thus software will prompt you to input in your language. You can select language from language bar.

You will do sale entry in English language.

But sale bill print will be in your language. You can see in above picture.

If you want to change UAE bill format then you need to download two software.

1. Microsoft visual studio 2010

2. Crystal reports 13

You have to keep in mind that the RPT file of all bill report for Multilanguage design should be stored in multiprint folder in folders in ERP software.

Thus this feature of ERP software is very useful to us.

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