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How to send pending fees SMS in institute management software

Updated: May 30, 2018

Today we will discuss how to send SMS of due fees to a student.

First of all we will create SMS templates.


Click on SMS templates in help menu.

Here it is showing already created templates. We will select outstanding received because it contain list of student whose fees is pending.

Now select party name from dynamic field by double clicking it. The student name will replace party name.

Now double click balance as on date in dynamic field.

Now after completing template click OK.

Thus outstanding receivable template has been created. You can send SMS to student for their pending installments by creating collection report template. Now we will create collection report template by double clicking it.

Now type SMS. First double click party name in dynamic field.

Now select due date in dynamic field by double clicking it. Thus when the SMS will be sent to the student it will show due date.

Select balance amount in dynamic field by double clicking it.

You can select any option from dynamic field according to your requirement. Then click OK.

Now tick outstanding receivable and collection report and close it.

Suppose we have to send pending fee SMS to the student. Then click on outstanding analysis in reports menu.

Now click on receivable and select date upto which you want to check pending fees. Then click OK.

Thus it will display the list of student. Now select student or you can also tick select all to send SMS to all students. Then click on SMS.

Click on send SMS. Thus SMS will be automatically sent to the student . Now close it.

If you want to check the report of the pending installment then click on installment collection report.

Now select date range and click OK.

Thus it will display list of student whose installment is pending. Now tick the student to whom you want to send installment pending SMS.

Now click on send SMS. As soon as you click on send SMS, student will get installment pending SMS. Now close it.

Thus it is very easy to send fees pending SMS to a student.

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